So, this is supposedly a website. My website, in fact. Who am I? I usually go by (Fallen)Nicolae, but occasionally nicolae6, or some form of my real name, Garrett. I'm an engineering student at VCU in Richmond, VA. This is my crappy freeshell page, which I think you will find is an improvement over the old one, linked to below.

Righto. Content times, I guess.

GameFAQs Archives - Random old topics I saved for no reason
Old Index - The old index page. Why? God knows. Fear my l33t Dreamweaver skillz

If you wanna contact me for some reason:
AIM - FallenNicolae
MSN - random.expletives(at)
Jabber - Nicolae(at) (You can probably add this to your google talk buddy list . I dunno how good google's XMPP implementation is)
Live - FallenNicolae
PS Network - FallenNicolae
(Have you seen the pattern yet?)

And some other websites:
twitter and